What could a STEM Ambassador do for your young people?

STEM Ambassadors bring enthusiasm and support to classroom projects and youth groups, with both being able to benefit from access to quality-assured volunteers who can help in a variety of ways.

Via STEM Ambassadors, you can not only get support for enriching and enhancing the curriculum through activities or events, but you can also increase you own understanding of the career paths to which STEM subjects can lead. Schools and community groups can benefit from enhanced links with local business or individual volunteers with valuable skills.

STEM Ambassadors can help you to build the Science Capital of your young people, contributing to helping improve their life chances.

picture demonstrating science capital - items in a tool kit


Request a STEM Ambassador

Advertising an event you would like STEM Ambassador support for is easy - simply follow the steps below. Register as a "teacher or technician" or "youth or community grouphere and submit your request online.

Although we can never guarantee than an Ambassador will be available to support your event, we will do everything we can to help make it happen. Please be aware that the earlier you advertise your events ahead of time the better, as this will increase the likelihood that a STEM Ambassador will be able to add this to their diary. We always recommend advertising at least 6 weeks before an event.

Find a STEM Ambassador for your activity