Becoming a STEM Ambassador

If you have decided that acting as a role model for young people through the STEM Ambassador programme appeals to you then this is the place to start!


Please see here for STEM Learning LTD's terms and conditions, including the privacy policy.  

Becoming a STEM Ambassador is a three-stage process:
Registration, Disclosure and Training

Please register as a STEM Ambassador here, or contact us directly at we will direct you to the appropriate online registration form.

*Please ensure that you register as a STEM Ambassador on the first page of the registration*

Disclosure check
Once your registration has been processed you will be invited to attend a session where you can complete a Disclosure check. In order to become an authorised STEM Ambassador you must undertake a Criminal Record check by Disclosure Scotland to ensure that you are suitable to work with children and young people. This is a PVG check (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) and if you already hold a PVG you will be required to complete an update check.

The final requirement for becoming an Ambassador is to attend induction training. (Please see Induction Training below for date of next Training Session) This ensures STEM Ambassadors are equipped with basic knowledge and information that will help to enhance their work with schools. Training covers; the purposes of the STEM Ambassador's Programme, information about schools, advice for working with pupils & teachers, and an explanation about the role in supporting STEM Ambassadors. 

Following the successful completion of all three stages, authorised STEM Ambassadors receive an Ambassador badge and ID card. The STEM Ambassador Co-ordinator will then match up the requirements of new STEM Ambassadors with those of the schools/projects in need of help in the area. Ambassadors will be notified regularly of opportunities via our email newsletter.


The next general induction sessions are taking place at the University of Glasgow on the following dates:

April 9th 2:30pm

May 15th 2:30pm

June 5th 2:30pm

July 9th 2:30pm


Please contact us to be sent the link to register for one of these.

Activity can be recorded online or can be emailed to the STEM Ambassador Coordinator to be input.

It is essential that we are informed of ALL STEM Ambassador activity undertaken.