STEM Ambassadors can participate and contribute in many ways to promoting the STEM subjects.

For example, Ambassadors can:

  • Act as role models and offer careers talks, speed networking and work experience
  • Provide practical support for experiments, STEM-related Clubs, competitions and Advanced Higher investigations
  • Provide on-site visits for pupils to see the real-life link between what they are learning in the classroom and the outside world
  • Offer an insight into active research currently being carried out in industry and academia
  • Enhance curriculum learning by relating to real-life examples
  • Help teachers develop and understand new course content to keep their knowledge up to date

STEM Ambassadors can find opportunities to work with schools via their own links with teachers, through their company’s education programme, through their Professional Institution or can volunteer for activities as advertised. There are a great many different and exciting activities to get involved in! Simply add your name and email and one of our STEM Ambassador Co-ordinators will contact you with further information. Any interaction with pupils to promote the STEM subjects is valid for STEM Ambassador activity and should be recorded online by Ambassadors.

Science Connects newsletters are emailed to STEM Ambassadors at least once a month to provide information on opportunities in the West of Scotland. To volunteer for any of the opportunities in the newsletter, Ambassadors contact the STEM Ambassador coordinator and details are then forwarded to the teacher who made the request. The Ambassador and teacher then liaise to confirm what is required and the Ambassador carries out the activity.

Science Connects can offer advice and feedback to Ambassadors on the suitability of activity, how Ambassadors can provide support, and how to get the most out of your visit if required.