Big questions for Big Data

We are using big data to create sustainable and socially just cities around the world.

illustration of pedestrians crossing road

Every day, the world’s population creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. What can this data tell us about the social, economic and environmental challenges facing our cities? Can it help us to understand inequalities and find solutions? At the Urban Big Data Centre, we are using big data to answer big questions. 

By 2030, over 90% of the UK will live in cities. Data-driven solutions are needed to improve the lives of urban residents, including their transport, housing and education. Our people not only ask the hard questions about these areas, but provide vital access to data services and skills training so that researchers can effectively use big data to inform positive change.

This is no small task. So we are bringing together urban social scientists, data scientists and statisticians from the University and six partner universities to unlock the insights needed to fuel urban policy and business innovations. Together we can improve the quality of life in our cities around the world.