Technical University of Munich, Germany

The Technical University of Munich (TU Munich) was established in 1868 and is part of TU9, a society of the largest and most notable German institutes of technology. It has a student body of 39,000 and is consistently ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide.

Munich is Germany’s third largest city with a population of 1,500,000 and a metropolitan area of 5,800,000 inhabitants. The city is known for a high standard of living, ranking first in Germany and fourth worldwide. Munich is a major centre of art, technology, finance, sports, publishing, culture, innovation, education, business and tourism. It features Germany’s best theatre and many famous museums and annually hosts the famous Oktoberfest, attracting six million visitors every year.

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1-3 full-year places or 2-6 semester places 

Available Subject Areas

  • Aerospace Engineering/Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering

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