International Partnership Development Fund (IPDF)

Applications for 2019/2020 are now open

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The International Partnership Development Fund (IPDF) is available to pump prime the development of sustainable and mutually beneficial international partnerships with high quality academic institutions and education providers worldwide.

Who is it for/deadline? 
For University of Glasgow staff. Applications open on 1 August and close when funding is allocated.

Applications must be supported at a college/school level with the provision of 'matched' funding, the maximum amount is £5000 (plus match funding). Applicants should consult their College International Dean before submitting their application.  

What is supported? 
To help develop and raise the profile of strategic partners within the University, 70% is for applications to work with the priority partners for IPDF (see below). The remaining 30% is open to support applications for work with other partners.‌ IPDF provides financial support for:

  • collaborative programme development and other partnership opportunities compatible with colleges’ international strategies and activities, any collaboration leading to a sustainable partnership is eligible for consideration.
  • establishing international research collaborations at a School or College level, e.g. setting up PGR student mobility,
  • groups of University of Glasgow staff (either within or cross-college) wanting to organise a large delegation visit to a strategic University partner, 
  • extension of conference travel as long as the IPDF award is used for partnership development at a School or College level (i.e. IPDF money should not to be used for conference travel),
  • short incoming visits provided that the visit supports the overall objectives of the fund.

Priority partners for IPDF

70% of the total annual allocation for the IPD Fund is for initiatives with the key partners listed below. 

Note that for 2019/2020 the number of priority partners for IPDF will increase, keep checking this page for new partners.

Columbia University
Nankai University
McGill University 
Smithsonian Institution - new for 2018
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) 
University of Hong Kong (HKU) - also a U21 partner
University of Sydney

The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities:

  1. Aarhus University
  2. University of Bern
  3. University of Bologna
  4. Ghent University
  5. University of Göttingen
  6. University of Groningen
  7. Jagiellonian University (Krakow)
  8. University of Louvain
  9. University of Ljubljana
  10. University of Oslo
  11. University Paris Diderot
  12. Radboud University
  13. University of Tartu
  14. University of Tübingen
  15. Uppsala University
  16. University of Vienna

U21 partners:

  1. Fudan University 
  2. Korea University
  3. KU Leuven 
  4. Lund University 
  5. National University of Singapore
  6. McMaster University 
  7. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) 
  8. Shanghai Jiao Tong University  
  9. Tecnológico de Monterrey 
  10. University of Amsterdam 
  11. University of Auckland 
  12. University of British Columbia
  13. University of California Davis (UC Davis) 
  14. University of Connecticut 
  15. University of Delhi 
  16. University College Dublin (UCD) 
  17. University of Hong Kong (HKU) 
  18. University of Johannesburg (UJ) 
  19. University of Maryland 
  20. University of Melbourne 
  21. University of New South Wales 
  22. University of Nottingham, Ningbo 
  23. University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus 
  24. University of Queensland 
  25. University of Zurich
  26. Waseda University

Criteria & application

Funding is available for initiatives at all levels of study and it will be allocated after consideration of applications by the region's Dean for Global Engagement. New programmes will be given priority.

Points to note:

  • To help develop and raise the profile of strategic partners within the University, 70% of the IPDF is for applications to work with the University’s priority partners for IPDF (see above). The remaining 30% is to support applications for work with other partners.  
  • The funds may be used for economy class travel or related costs for support of projects being initiated within colleges to develop an international dimension to their collaborative academic activities and contribute to sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • The funding does not cover conference travel although it can be used to support an extension of conference travel as long as the IPDF award is used for partnership development at a School or College level.
  • To support short incoming visits provided that the visit supports the overall objectives of the fund.
  • Applications should be submitted where possible at least one month in advance of travel.
  • The funding is in-year funding, therefore it must be spent before July 2020

Application process

Applications for 2019-2020 are now open

1. Please complete the application: IPDF application form‌ 

2.  The first step should be to secure match-funding support within your College/School.  Please consult your College Internationalisation Dean before submitting your application:

Your College Business Development Manager can also provide advice and help facilitate College approval.  

The application requireshould indicate how the application meets the strategic goals of the College/School and the University for internationalisation. 

3.  Central IPDF allocation: completed forms should be emailed to at the International Affairs team in External Relations. They will then liaise with the region's Dean for Global Engagement to secure central support for the application. 

Points to note

  1. The completed application form should include: Name and contact details of main contact at partner institution - we welcome funding applications to work with:
    • our priority partners for IPDF or
    • in the World's Top 200 universities or
    • pre-eminent in their domestic context.
  2. Confirmation that approval for 50% of funding been agreed by the College (signature of Head of College/College Secretary and Head of Finance).
  3. The application form asks for a brief outline of the proposed joint programme development or the partnership proposal including:
    • Name and address of potential international partner institution(s)
    • Total level of funding requested (inc. 50% provided by College/School)
    • Details of how the proposed funding will be used to develop the programme including budget breakdown with itemisation of funds requested
    • Details of any visits planned to partner institutions and the names of staff involved in those visits. (note that funding will be provided to cover economy travel only. Any additional funding for business travel must be provided by the college).
  4. Applications should be submitted, where possible, at least one month in advance of the travel date.

Successful applicants will be notified by email.

Progress updates

Recipients must provide progress reports to the Dean for Global Engagement and to the Business Development Managers for their college at regular intervals throughout the year. At the end of the academic year they should submit a final report by the end of the academic year: IPD Fund progress report template

Funding arrangements

Funding arrangements

Funding is made available on an in-year funding basis and therefore funds must be spent by the end of the financial year (31 July) otherwise the residue will be reclaimed.

In exceptional cases it may be possible to extend funding for a second year to support a partnership which requires a longer lead time.

Project progress

Final progress report

Recipients must submit a final report by the end of the academic year and provide progress reports to the International Affairs team.

The recipients should complete an initial progress within two months of the visit. All applicants will be contacted at a later stage for a follow-up report.