Distance Learning or ‘E-learning’


‘Distance learning’ or ‘e-learning’ is a flexible form of learning where a student can study at locations remote from the point of instruction e.g. from home, work or wherever else is convenient. 

The term 'blended learning' is being used increasingly for programmes that may be partly taught at a distance but which also involve use of some other approaches.

The QAA uses the term Flexible and Distributed Learning (FDL) for modes of delivery more commonly referred to as ‘distance learning’ and ‘e-learning. You can find out more here

Key Requirements

Business Case and Costing Model 
Due Diligence Checks
Joint Management Board 
Memorandum of Understanding [Not required in every case]
Memorandum of Agreement
Operational Plan for Year One
Partnership Review 
Risk Assessment
Year 1 Review 

Key Documents

There are a number of tools available to help staff develop a collaboration. The key documents are listed here. Further tools can be found on the relevant webpage‌.