Relocation Policy

1. Purpose

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Relocation Policy is to compensate, in part, the financial loss incurred by new employees who are required to relocate their permanent residence to within daily travelling distance of the University, and where the employee's home address is not within fifty miles of their University workplace.

2. Scope

2. Scope

2.1 The Policy applies to academic and academic-related members of staff newly appointed to an open-ended University funded post or to a fixed term post of three years or more, and who have to relocate their place of residence in consequence of taking up appointment. Applicants should be aware that if they leave before serving three years' continuous employment from the date of appointment they will be required to refund some or all of the expenses reimbursed.

2.2 Relocation expenses will only be payable to staff who move to a travel to work area within 35 miles of the University, or less than one hour's travel by public transport. It is expected that staff will make every effort to move house in as short a time as possible and in any case within 12 months of the commencement of employment. Claims must be submitted within 12 months of appointment.

2.3 In the event that two members of one household obtain appointments each partner will be allocated the normal formula expense limit. Re-imbursement will be in respect of expenses incurred against the joint allocation. In such circumstances the University will allow one claim for re-imbursement of joint expenses, e.g. removal costs, storage costs, solicitors fees and stamp duty. Two claims can be submitted for expenses incurred by each partner, e.g. flights and storage costs.

2.4 Staff relocating from outside the U.K. will be eligible for enhanced assistance, in recognition of the additional expenses likely to be incurred. This will take account of the main applicant's full visa costs including the NHS surcharge regardless of terms of contract.

3. Appropriate expenditure

3. Appropriate expenditure

Relocation costs will be refunded in full or up to the appropriate maximum allowance, whichever is the lesser sum. Relocation costs are defined as those necessarily incurred in the relocation of a staff member's home, and may include the following:

(a) Removal of furniture and personal effects, including insurance and storage.

Three competitive quotes must be produced by the claimant in support of a claim for removal costs, the lowest amount being reimbursed.

Where the newly appointed member of staff is a home owner who sells and purchases a new home as a consequence of appointment to the University:

(b) Solicitor's fees.

(c) Surveyor's fees

(d) Estate Agent's fees

(e) Stamp Duty

(f) Cost of temporary alternative accommodation, incurred where the member of staff commences employment without having completed the sale of the former home.

The Accommodation Service can provide details of inexpensive University accommodation.

(g) Travel costs to the former home while it remains unsold.

(h) Main applicants full visa costs including the NHS surcharge.

Reimbursements will be made on submission of receipted payments.

4. Allowances

4. Allowances

The maximum allowance reimbursable will be confirmed by the Human Resources Service and charged against their budget.

  • Professorial Appointments and Senior Administrative appointments at Grade 10 up to an amount of £8,000
  • Other Academic and Academic-Related posts:- within the U.K. up to one month's gross salary (viz. one-twelfth of salary on appointment), plus £500
  • Other Academic and Academic-Related posts:- within Europe up to one month's gross salary (viz. one-twelfth of salary on appointment), plus £1,000
  • Other Academic and Academic-Related posts: - outside Europe up to one month's gross salary (viz. one-twelfth of salary on appointment), plus £1,500


  • In exceptional cases of Professorial and Grade 10 Senior Administrative appointments, the Principal may exercise discretion in granting additional support. In such circumstances, the personal taxation payable on benefits above Inland Revenue limits will be borne by the individual staff member
  • This Policy will not normally be applicable to posts of less than three years' duration - with exception of main applicant full visa costs including the NHS surcharge.


5. Recovery

5. Recovery

In the event of a resignation or termination of the contract, including the non renewal of a temporary contract, within three years of the date of appointment, the claimant undertakes to make repayment of relocation costs reimbursed as follows:

  • Within a period of one year: 100%

After one year but within three years: repayment of full amount received, less 1/36th of this amount for each calendar month of service.