Income and expenditure 2020

Income £000
Funding body grants 170,838
Tuition fees and education contracts 248,926
Research grants and contracts 168,772
Other income 81,678
Endowment and investment income 19,892
Total income 690,106
Staff costs 382,338
Movement on USS provision -62,217
Other operating expenses 232,157
Depreciation 32,515
Interest and other finance costs 6,550
Total expenditure 591,343
Consolidated surplus before other gains 98,763
Gain/(loss) on disposal of property, plant and equipment -78
Gain/(loss) on disposal of other investments 689
Gain on investments -29,523
Consolidated surplus before tax 69,851
Corporation tax -265
Consolidated surplus after tax 69,586

All items of income and expenditure arise from continuing operations.

Full financial statements for the period can be viewed at: Financial Statements