Environmental awareness

Environmental awareness

We’re committed to a more efficient, more sustainable future.

We’ve shown this commitment by agreeing a five-year Carbon Management Plan with the Carbon Trust and being accredited with the Carbon Trust Standard. Our accreditation means that the University is an organisation that measures, manages and genuinely decreases its carbon emissions. The Standard requires us to keep reducing our carbon footprint and to recertify every two years.

What are we doing to make a difference? 

  • We have signed the Universities and Colleges Climate Commitment for Scotland
  • Nearly 80% of our electricity comes from green sources, which saves around 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. 
  • Our entire campus operates a policy of mandatory paper recycling. We produce on average 3,500 tonnes of waste per year, and the savings we make from recycling are re-invested into future environmental projects. 
  • We operate a Green Transport Policy that is designed to encourage all staff and students to both reduce hydrocarbon consumption and, at the same time, improve health though increased exercise. Further information on Travel Planning
  • We became the first Scottish university to be Energy Accredited in 1998, and today we’re engaged in ground-breaking research into sustainability.
  • Our Scottish Centre for Ecology & the Natural Environment is a showcase for sustainable design. It recently received the Carbon Trust Scottish Low Carbon Building Award, and an ‘excellent’ rating for the sustainability of its design from the Building Research Executive.

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