Chinese Visual Festival 2020

Issued: Thu, 16 Jan 2020 18:23:00 GMT


Celebrate Chinese New Year as Chinese Visual Festival returns to the CCA with a selection of the finest new and classic films from the Chinese-speaking world. Join us for a weekend of screenings showcasing the works of acclaimed and established directors as we enter the Year of the Rat.

As Diao Yinan’s latest feature The Wild Goose Lake is released in the UK, CVF will screen a selection of three of the most significant Chinese crime and noir films of the past decade this January. Come along for award-winning suspense stories and thrillers exploring social issues and anxiety in the fast-changing modern China.

The Wild Goose Lake screens in partnership with MUBI.


Wrath of Silence 暴裂无声

6pm Sat 25 January 2020

China | 2017 | Mandarin with English Subtitles | 119 min

A young shepherd boy goes missing somewhere in the mines of Northern China.

His father, a local miner, takes the investigation into his own hands and sets off looking for him in the neighbouring villages. His search will draw him into the orbit of local corrupt businessmen and murky deals.

Young director Xin Yukun’s second feature is a beautifully shot action thriller unfolding against impressive decors and starring established actor Jiang Wu and martial arts film veteran actor Song Yang.


The Wild Goose Lake 南方车站的聚会

2pm Sun 26 January 2020

China/France | 2019 | Mandarin with English Subtitles | 113 min

Gang leader Zhou Zenong is on the run after accidentally shooting a police officer in the midst of a power struggle between motorbike-stealing rival gangs.

The reward for handing him in to the police is a coveted prize which will drive enemies and friends alike to compete for.

In his latest feature, director Diao Yinan revisits the noir genre with a new story, following his acclaimed film Black Coal Thin Ice (2014), which will show on the same day.


Black Coal Thin Ice 白日焰火

5pm Sun 26 January 2020

China | 2014 | Mandarin with English Subtitles | 110 min

When body parts are discovered scattered across a factory district in Northern China, an ex-detective and his partner take over the investigation which will bring them back to an old case they had never solved.

Awarded a Golden Bear at Berlin in 2014, this film noir revealed director Diao Yinan’s talent to European film festival circles.