2013 online Spring Festival Gala awards

This year the Confucius Institute is pleased to accept two awards from the Confucius Institute Online.

  1. Third Prize for 'Chorus: Auld Lang Syne' at 2013 Spring Festival Gala of Confucius Institutes: Certificate of Honour - 3rd prize
  2. Fifth place winner of internet popularity award for 'three flute solos' at the 2013 Spring Festival Gala: Certificate of Honour - 5th place

First YCT (Youth Chinese Test) held at the Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute held the first YCT (Youth Chinese Test) on 22 March 2013. Two young candidates Olivia Wallace and Sophia Wallace sat the exams. We are very pround to to announce that Sophia (left) achieved 200 out of 200 at YCT Level 1 and Olivia (right) gained 189 out of 200 at YCT Level 3.

The Confucius Institute is delighted to see the excellent results and would like to congratulate these two young candidates for their outstanding performance.

For more information about Chinese Proficiency Test, please visit

Wallace girls