Notes from No 2

Emily Howie, alumni managerNews from Emily Howie, alumni manager in the Development & Alumni Office at No 2 The Square.‌

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Alistair and Ruth Rennie

Oldest university couple

It’s always a pleasure to read the interesting stories sent to us here of the lives of alumni during and after university. One such story that caught my attention came from Graham Rennie, the son of Glasgow graduates Alistair and Ruth Rennie. He saw an article in Edit magazine – the Edinburgh University equivalent of Avenue – about two Edinburgh graduates, who, aged 91 and 95, ‘just might be Britain’s oldest university graduate couple’. Excited that his parents may be one of the oldest university graduate couples, Graham got in touch. His parents, Alistair and Ruth, are now 98 and 101 respectively, rivalling the Edinburgh couple.

Alistair and Ruth Rennie 2Ruth Tullis Rennie (née Cochran) was born in 1912 and graduated with a first-class Honours degree in French and German in 1935. Graham’s father, Alistair McRae Rennie, was born in 1914 and graduated in 1937 after completing an MA and then a BD. They married in April 1941. So congratulations to Alistair and Ruth Rennie, who could well be Glasgow’s and Britain’s oldest university graduate couple.

Unless you know a Glasgow graduate couple older than Alistair and Ruth? If so, we’d love to hear from you.‌

MacBrayne Hall memories

Park CircusReading the reports about your reunions is a great reminder of the friendships formed while at university. For many graduates, life in halls of residence played a big part in that. Alumnus Stewart Campbell is pulling together stories of life at MacBrayne Hall in Park Circus. So, if you stayed in MacBrayne Hall or the adjacent Kelvin Lodge he would like to hear from you. Please send in your photographs, memories or reminiscences and we’ll pass them on. He is particularly keen to hear from anyone who was awarded one of the MacBrayne bursaries before 1990.

MacBrayne Hall was one of several special gifts given to the University by Laurence MacBrayne (c1867–1941). In 1923 Laurence gifted MacBrayne Hall, which had been his family home, to the University. It was named after his father, David MacBrayne, who was the founder of the shipping company that later became Caledonian MacBrayne. For graduates who come from or have visited Scotland’s beautiful west coast islands, Caledonian MacBrayne will be a familiar name as they run ferry services to many of the islands. Laurence also helped financially with the maintenance and extension of the Hall as well as three student scholarships.‌

As well as looking back at life during university, we like to see what’s happening for our graduates today. You’ll see a new addition to this issue of AvenueCareers in progress. This new section showcases some of our graduates and what they’re up to in their careers now.