Issued: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 13:58:00 BST

GSCAtHome - 5 science shows from our friends at the Glasgow Science Centre. Broadcast on the Glasgow Science Festival Facebook Page

Make Your Own Lava Lamps: Wed 9th Sept, 16:30 (5mins)

You will need: help from a grown-up, a clear container, some cooking oil, some water, some food colouring, and an effervescent (or fizzy) tablet, like a vitamin C tablet. If you don’t have an effervescent tablet, try using salt! Please dispose of waste responsibly.  
Recommended for ages 7+ or younger children with adult supervision.

Constellation Creation: Thurs 10th Sept, 16:30 (5mins)

What are constellations, where do we find them, and why do they exist? Andrew from our Planetarium team is here to help us find out! Create your own constellation! You will need: plain paper, a pen/pencil and a clear night sky.
This video is suitable for the whole family.

Journey Through My Body: Fri 11th Sept, 16:30 (19mins)

A fascinating journey food makes as it goes through our body: from the very top, to the very bottom - literally! Make a model stomach with all the foods you eat in a day.
This video is suitable for the whole family. Please make sure to have adult permission and supervision when attempting any experiments.

Make a Rainbow: Sat 12th Sept, 10:00 (9mins)

Make a rainbow in a glass and learn about supersaturated solutions and density.
You will need: a glass or similar see through container, 4 glasses for creating solutions, spoons for mixing solutions, granulated sugar, tablespoon measure, food colouring and warm water.
This activity is suitable for 7+ with adult supervision.

Build a Computer: Sun 13th Sept, 10:00 (9mins)

Computers are a huge part of our daily lives. Learn about what parts make up a computer, with the help of some LEGO! You can make your own computer out of anything you have at home

These free shows will be broadcast on the dates and times above on the Glasgow Science Festival Facebook  page or search for @glasgowsciencefestival. A post will appear on Facebook 7 days prior to each show where you can register your interest and receive reminders. 

 Share anything you make by posting to @GlasgowSciFest #GlaSciFest and @gsc1 #GSCAtHome or in the comments below the videos. 

GSC staff will be available to answer any questions during the Mon to Wed viewing timeslots

The videos will available for you to view in your own time shortly after on Facebook or here in our Talking Science section. Which launches on the 9th September.