Really Small Science

Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging


Watch as Dr. Karen Johnston and Kasia Majerczak from the University of Strathclyde share their research on developing smart sustainable plastic packaging to tackle the issue of plastic waste in the UK. Then Sylvia Battcock, Really Small Science introduces bioplastics, which are produced from renewable biomass sources. Including a demo on how to create them from potatoes!

Really Small Science Activities

Some activities for you to try from the Really Small Science Team from Chemical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde. Featuring four activities to try at home. Each with an activity sheets of instructions available for you to download. There are also two 'How-To' videos for Nanopolymer Bouncy Balls and Nanojelly to help you.



Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging

Dr. Karen Johnston & Kasia Majerczak, University of Strathclyde

Potato Bioplastics

Sylvia Battcock, Really Small Science 

Nanopolymer Bouncy Balls

Make a stretchy, squishy nanopolymer bouncy ball using only four ingredients and the power of polymers!

Wobbly Nanojelly

Explore the wobbly properties of jelly!