Ecosystem Explorers

Discover the hidden world of insects and their homes in all the green spaces around you. Through exploring the needs of these small creatures, we can learn how to map and protect their environment. Researchers at the University of Glasgow are currently trying to map ecosystems such as species-rich grasslands with the use of satellite images and the public.

This is where you can help! The work of Ecosystem Explorers like you can tell us if our mapping systems are working by letting us know what you find in your local area. You can also learn what each creature needs to survive in their homes and why this is important information that we at the University of Glasgow require! We encourage you to get out in nature using this activity to explore your local ecosystems. 

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Now you're ready to investigate your local green spaces
We've included a list of places you can explore to help
We've also included a simple ID guide but there are lots of great guides with more info & detail online. Look below for some useful links. 

Ecosystem Explorer has been created by Samantha Suter, PhD candidate & Dr Natalie Welden, University of Glasgow and 

Invertebrate ID Guides

Beginner - Woodlands Trust

Advanced - OPAL

First published: 1 September 2021