Climate Change & Mathematics

Climate Change is one of the world’s biggest issues, but do you know how large a role maths plays? Explore our resources and experience some of the number crunching that Climate Scientists do in their fight to save our planet!

This workshop is aimed at S4+ pupils. During which we explore the issue of climate change and how mathematical modelling can help us predict the climate in coming years and avoid natural disasters. Pupils will be encouraged to analyse data and build their own models and predictions.

The link below takes you to The Edinburgh University School of Mathematics page where you will find the workshop resources, inlcuding an overview of the workshop, a lesson plan and a presentation

Climate Change & Mathematics Workshop

Subject to availability, University staff and students are happy to (virtually) visit secondary schools in the period September-December and run the workshop.If you would like to apply for a workshop, please contact Dr Francesca Lezzi on

The resources were produced by Mary O'Brien, under the supervision of Francesca Iezzi, The University of Edinburgh.

First published: 1 September 2021