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Glasgow Science Centre’s award-winning #GSCAtHome videos bringing science into your home. Get inspired with exciting demonstrations and things you can try at home with the family. Find more GSC At Home videos on the Glasgow Science Centre website.

Future Transport
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design your own transport of the future. What will it look like? How will it be powered? Join Claire, David, Carla and Ruairi from Glasgow Science Centre and get creative You'll need some pens, pencils and paper to draw your idea, or some recycling or craft supplies if you're going to make a model. 

Tiny Terrariums
Science Communicator, Jennifer, from Glasgow Science Centre is here to help us learn about water and the water cycle. Plus, you'll get to make your own tiny terrarium. To make a terrarium you will need some adult supervision, a jar (e.g. a clean, empty jam jar), some soil and sand, stones, and some small plants (e.g. succulents).

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Future Transport

Design your own transport of the future

Tiny Terrarium

Learn about the water cycle & make your own tiny terrarium