Upcycle Your Own Window Garden

Plastic waste in the oceans is a major problem, but there are things we can do to help. In the first video An Overview of Plastic Waste Sources & Problems we take a look at some of the different forms of plastic waste and the problems they can cause.

We are all encouraged to make sure when possible, we recycle our plastic waste. However, recycling uses energy. So an alternative is to stop it becoming rubbish in the first place. Upcycling is a way of re-using waste and turning it into something even better than the original.

Watch the second video Create your own Self Watering Plant Pot and read or download the accompanying worksheet. Then have a go at making your own self-watering pot plant out of an upcycled plastic bottle.

Upcycle your own window garden

With thanks to Sustainability Team: Oliver Atkinson, Ultan Daly, John Fullerton, Lauren Kelly & Miranda Morata Martinez

Our thanks also go to the project funders: University of Glasgow MVLS & CoSE Grad Schools

An overview of plastic waste sources and problems

Create your own self-watering plant pot

Breakout: Upcycling

Wed, 01 Sep 2021 01:01:00 BST

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