Route of Your Fruit

You’d be surprised at how far some foods travel to reach supermarket shelves. In this fun activity you’ll experience just how long it takes by doing exercise. The longer food has travelled, the more exercise you have to do!

We will also explore the link between food miles, carbon dioxide production and what this means for the environment.

Watch the Route to Your Fruit video and then then download the worksheet below. Inside there you will find info about food miles and carbon dioxide emissions, the instructions and all the info you need to take part. 

The Route of your Fruit Worksheet


With thanks to the Food Team: Ella Gilchrist, Jessica Ireland-Hughes, Rosemary McManus, Maria-Luiza Miclaus, Ioana Susnoschi-Luca & Ryan Stewart

Our thanks also go to the project funders: University of Glasgow MVLS & CoSE Grad Schools


The Route of your Fruit