Care to Repair

Care to Repair quiz boardgame will test your knowledge about bike repair and maintenance. You will build your own bike, personalize it, and learn how to keep your bike in great condition – for you or someone else!

1) Begin by downloading and reading the Care to Repair Worksheet. In it you will find instructions on how to prepare and play the game.

2) Print a copy of the Board Game & Questions Cards. Available in colour or black & white (B&W) so you can colour in the game board yourself.

3) Print a copy of Bike Parts. You will require one copy per player.

Care to Repair Worksheet
Board & Question Cards (B&W)
Board & Question Cards Colour
Bike Parts

With thanks to the Repair Team: Rebecca Cummings, Nadine Juarez Rendon, Agata Stepniak & Phoebe Utting

Our thanks also go to the project funders: University of Glasgow MVLS & CoSE Grad Schools