57 - Engineering Taster: What Difference a Condenser Makes


University of Glasgow, Meeting Point - Wolfson Medical Building, University Avenue
11th June
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This event for schools will commence with a brief introduction about The School of Engineering, James Watt and his work, including Watt’s modification to the steam engine and the impact that one change had on our society. This presentation will be given by Professor Colin McInnes who holds the James Watt Chair at the University. After this, students will be split into two groups. Each group will be presented with a design challenge (one based within Electronic and Electrical Engineering and the other in Civil Engineering) and working in teams, they'll look at how they can improve on the design in the same way that Watt did. After a break for lunch the two groups will switch design challenges.

James Watt and engine

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First published: 16 April 2018