26 - GCU Citizen Science Day


Cadder Community Centre
8th June
All ages

Citizen Science is real science done by people like you, to help us understand the world and how we are affecting it.  Everyone is welcome at our free, fun family event in Cadder. Prepare to be inspired and amazed!

Activities include:

The Drugs DO Work!
When you take drugs to make you feel better, do you ever wonder how they work? Now you can find out.

Make Your Cells Glow!
Learn how we make cells glow in the dark, see glowing cells down a microscope and have some fluorescent fun!

From Fingertips to Shoulder
Your arm has to move, feel, sweat and shiver. Find out how it does these things.

The Virus Workshop
What does a virus look like? By the end of this session you'll have made your own!

Ugly Bug Barbecue
In the future, insects are likely to be on the menu. They're rich in protein and very tasty. Join us for a bug burger!

How well can you wash your hands?
Our special 'glow box' will tell us just how good you are at washing your hands. Learn ways to improve hand hygiene.

Mechanical Painting
Use gears and pulleys to create your own abstract art

Renewable Energy Physics
Explaining the physics of renewable electricity generation with fun tools.

Visible and invisible pollution
Learn about the pollutants in our water, howe we measure them and what we can do to prevent them

Our Voice with Lambhill Stables
Showcasing the Our Voice Citizen Science Project with Lambhill Stables Eco Youth Group and Cadder Primary and inviting the wider community to get involved to evidence positive change in their local outdoor space for health and wellbeing.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Learn about the world of Big Data

Cricket Speed Superstar
Measure your cricket ball throwing and hitting speed

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First published: 7 February 2019