36 - Glasgow Science Festival at the Botanics: Get Experimental

Botanic Gardens
15th & 16th Jun
All ages
Drop in

Join researchers from The Open University, University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde’s Really Small Science team for a weekend of fun, hands-on experiments! From the chemistry of a beautiful garden to sludgy science and mathematical brainteasers, there’s plenty to see and do. More information on what’s in store is provided below.

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Soils, Chemistry and the Electron Microscope
What’s the secret to a beautiful garden? Join The Open University’s School of Life, Health and Chemical Sciences to investigate how the pH of soil affects the plants in your garden. But it it’s not just plants that need to eat – so do we! Test how much you really know about food by looking at some real microscope samples. What does your favourite food really look like?

Sticks and Stones: From Rocks to Plants!
Learn how to enjoy science while having fun outdoors with The Open University! No special knowledge, skills or equipment are necessary, just your phone or tablet, observations and enthusiasm. Find out where soils come from and what plants can tell you about them. Learn a bit about rocks, trees and beasties and contribute to citizen science.

Mathematics in the Botanics: Getting to the Root of the Problem
Problem solving sits at the heart of all Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and some of the biggest discoveries started off from playing around with a fascinating game or problem. Try your hand at some mathematical puzzles, games and brainteasers with The Open University! BYOB – bring your own brain.

Really Small Science: Nanodirt
Take a big look at the nano-world with ReallySmallScience! Join researchers from the University of Strathclyde for fun, hands-on experiments. We’ll explore chemical and process engineering with our nanopolymer sludge, nanosoot and wobbly nanojelly.

Plant science, electronics and art come together to show you how plants fight off microbes! Play with an interactive StomatToy and experience how stomata (small pores on leaves) close to stop entry of bugs into the plant. Make your own Paper StomaToy Cube and take away the StomaToy Activity book. Brought to you by University of Glasgow plant scientists and cell engineers. 

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First published: 8 February 2019