7 - Oor Big Braw Cosmos

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University of Glasgow, Kelvin Building (Physics & Astronomy), Room 257
10th June
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Celebrating their new book 'Oor Big Braw Cosmos', (Scots) Astronomer Royal Prof John C Brown and eminent Scots poet Rab Wilson explore the beauty of the universe and its workings via a cocktail of science, new poems and superb imagery. The event will be chaired by Prof Bonnie Steves.

The Kelvin Building is B8 on this map.


"Here, astronomer John Brown and poet Rab Wilson not only unite their cosmic visions, but also vivify them with images captured by astronomers and probes or conjured by space artists. The result is truly four-dimensional." DAVA SOBEL (author of Longitude)

"John Brown has always had a unique way of -- bringing cutting edge ideas to the widest possible audience. This exciting collection [is a] brand new way for all to catch up on the latest in cosmic thinking, with a Scottish twist." CHRIS LINTOTT (Sky at Night)

"Rab Wilson is one of Scotland’s most accomplished poets … his work distinguished by its oral quality and technical assurance." THE NATIONAL

Big Braw Cosmos

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First published: 7 February 2019