Science Sunday

University of Glasgow, Kelvin Gallery (follow signs for Hunterian Museum)University of Glasgow
Sunday 9th June
All ages

It wouldn't be Glasgow Science Festival without Science Sunday! Join us again for a fantastic array of family-friendly activities to get you excited about science. What parasites lurk in your poop? What are colours made of? And how do we test forensics? Answer these questions and more by getting hands on at the University of Glasgow. 

Includes events:

 And the following activities:

CSI Whodunnit?

Use your investigative and scientific skills to identify the culprit from the available suspects and evidence they may have left behind at the crime scene. This is a hands-on activity for all ages.

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Poop Pondering

Poop down for a visit to learn about parasites lurking in poo. You will have the opportunity to fish out your very own 'mock' poo sample to diagnose and work out your own treatment schedule should you ever get exposed.

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Parasite Tattoo Parlour

Get your own temporary parasite tattoo and learn more about the research we do at the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Parasitology. Choose from malaria, sleeping sickness or toxoplasmosis!

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Nanoscale: From Electronics to Ear Hair!

Inspired by tiny electronic devices created in the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre, PhD students will lead you on a nanoscale journey. Discover how tiny the nanoscale is by investigating the ridge of your own fingerprints and human hairs using hand-held microscopes.  

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Fantastic Beasts: Meet the Parasitic Worm

What fantastic beasts live in your body? Visit scientists from the University of Glasgow who love parasitic worms! Learn about how worms can cause and cure disease and take home a homemade bookworm and pencil topper!

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Using the Rainbow- Imaging with Colours of Light

Come and see how scientists in the Imaging Concepts Group (@GlasgowImaging) use different wavelengths and colours of light to see the invisible through microscopy, medical and infrared imaging.

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Scottish Amphibians and Reptiles

Come to see and in some cases handle safely examples of Scottish amphibians and reptiles, and discuss with experts how to create habitats suitable for them in gardens and allotments. Try our quiz, and do some reptile and amphibian craftwork. 

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Fantastic Proteins and Where to Find Them

Help is needed to find the most fantastic proteins! Join us for an active exploration of making proteins and follow their life until destruction!
We will also be unveiling a new StomaToy, which shows how plants fight and defend themselves against disease causing microbes.

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Discovering Our Colourful World

Have you ever wondered what colours are made of?  Join us to experiment how colours come into the world, tease your brain with optical illusions and make up your very own colour!

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Fun with Gravity

Join us to see how you can instantly lose weight by climbing a step!

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Listening To Einstein's Universe: The Detection of Gravitational Waves

Join researchers from the Institute for Gravitational Research as they showcase the recent Nobel Prize winning detections of gravitational waves and some of the technologies developed to allow these detections to be made.

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Gut, Food and Microbiome

Join us for hands-on activities showcasing the journey of the food we eat through our gut.

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Seeing with Sound

Explore ultrasound and how it is used in everyday lives and in more unusual areas.

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Infectious Fun

Join researchers from the Centre for Virus Research and explore the microscopic world of viruses with activities for all the family. Let your imagination run wild and design your own virus, or take on your friends at our biohazard challenge.

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Synthetics Roadshow

Discover the history and chemistry of everyday synthetics. Bring a plastic object with you and Dr Anita Quye, Head of History of Art and Senior Lecturer in Conservation Science at the University of Glasgow will explore its conservation and care.

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Know Your Food and Drink IQ!

Do you prefer water, coke, or Irn Bru?  And do you know why? Join our team of food psychologists for an interactive event to learn about what makes some foods and drinks irresisible, and how to be healthy nonetheless. 

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James Watt at Science Sunday - JetX

As part of the University of Glasgow James Watt bicentenary celebrations, JetX Engineers bring a model of the notable Watt-Boulton engine design to life using 3D printing! The working model will be on display to demonstrate the principles of one of the most famous machines of the industrial revolution.

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