Glasgow Steams Ahead at Kelvingrove


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum‌ ‌
15th, 16th June
Sat 13:30-16:30; Sun 12:00-15:00
All ages

Glasgow Science Festival takes over the iconic Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum for a weekend of fun and exploration. Get hands on with the latest research in renewable energy, computers and virtual reality. Play with Scots language and learn how music affects the brain.

Check out the activities on offer:

Kelvingrove museum

The Historical Thesaurus

Human language is the most complex way of transmitting data there is - we're still trying to teach computers to understand it! Join linguistics researchers from the University of Glasgow to play word games and see how language 'saves' ideas.
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Stories and Science of the Moon

Join Dr Sally Zacharias and colleagues from the School of Education, University of Glasgow for an interactive table top workshop on the different languages of the Moon. Read, respond to and create your own Moon messages.

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Sustainable Communities

Many communities face two challenges: access to clean and safe water and access to clean and safe energy. Join researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University to learn about water pollution and renewable energy by getting hands on!


Scientists and the Machine

Help teach our pile of match boxes to play tic-tac-toe, and then join us for a closer look at how a computer really works!

The Science and Art of Augmented Reality

Try out Augmented Reality (AR) experiences to explore inside the human body, see viruses up close or bring works of art to life – and chat with experts to learn more about the technology, design and artistry of Augmented Reality. Enter our immersive Virtual Reality anatomy laboratory, 'disassemble' a human body and explore the bones, muscles and organs inside; then bring it all back together with a simple click. See the human body as you've never seen it before!

Prophetic Prosthetics: The Future of our Dis/Abilities

How will our relationship with technology change our dis/abilities and our identities in the future? Join speculative designers and disability researchers for a creative workshop to explore, design and build speculative prosthetics from the future.

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Design a Science Mag

Design your own magazine cover with student journalists from theGIST Magazine. We love using eye-catching artwork to stand out from the crowd. Get creative and discover the artistic side of science - you could feature in our next magazine!

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Connecting Through Music

Music can lift our mood or move us to tears. Explore how music affects the brain, how mood and age influence our music selection and how music can help those with neurological conditions such as stroke, dementia, and Parkinson's.

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Celebrate monumental women in STEM through this fun treasure hunt!

STEM Glasgow

Fun science experiments with the STEM Glasgow team!

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Build and Code a Satellite

Fancy being a satellite engineer for a day? Come along to get your hands on a real PocketQube kit and then see what mission goal you can achieve with its radio and its onboard camera!