Glasgow Science Festival Imagines at Kelvingrove

Glasgow Science Festival Imagines at Kelvingrove


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum‌ ‌
16th, 17th June
Sat 13:30-16:30; Sun 12:00-15:00
All ages

Glasgow Science Festival takes over the Kelvingrove Museum for a weekend of fun and inspiration. From penguins to quantum mechanics, storytelling and sludge, there's a plethora of cool stuff to keep you occupied and spark the imagination.
Check out the activities on offer:

Kelvingrove museum

Welcome to Quantum City

Imagine a city where quantum physics is all around you. from quantum computers and cameras working together to navigate autonomous vehicles to sensors that can reduce roadworks and unhackable secure communications network. Visit us at Quantum City!
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Phase Explorers

Ever wondered what makes a material solid, liquid or something in between? Come and explore the oddity of materials through interactive experiments and demos with PhD students from Edinburgh University. Make your own slime or lava lamps to take home!

Sludgy Stuff Roadshow

Explore the world of sludge with the ReallySmallScience group from University of Strathclyde. Make your own sludgy clay and test it as it passes through different tubes and shapes. Will your sludge flow like water or jam up pipes?

Imagine Quantum

What if quantum mechanics applied to everyday objects? Imagine a quantum world, and learn how quantum technologies are about the change the real world.

Sat 16th only.

Silk Science

Learn how we use novel silk formats (nanoparticles, gels) to improve both drug and stem cell delivery in the body.  Watch silkworms at work, paint a silk cocoon and take it home!

Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Come and see diamonds in a new light! Explore the microscopic structure of crystals and learn how light can reveal hidden properties of materials.

How Many Penguins?

‌Join statisticians from the Royal Statistical Society's Glasgow Local Group as they try to estimate emperor penguin populations in the Antarctica by using mathematics, statistics and even penguin guano (poo)!

The Future of Antibiotics

How can we safeguard the future of antibiotics? Find out about the problem of antibiotic resistance and, through the creation of a piece of art, tell us how you think we can fight the problem together.

Sunday 17th only


Laser Garden

Laser Garden presents 'Wings: a Celebration of Our Imagination'. With this piece of wearable laser sculpture, artist Johnathan Elders explores where science and art meet. Funded by the Institute of Physics.

Your Brain on Music

Music can lift our mood or move us to tears. Explore how music affects the brain, how mood and age influence our music selection and how music can help those with neurological conditions such as stroke, dementia, and Parkinson's.

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Visible and Invisible Water Pollutants

Clear water does not guarantee safe water, as it may contain invisible pollutants. Discover the visible and invisible pollutants in water and learn how they can be removed using cutting-edge microalgae systems.

Sunday 17th only


Super Science with STEM Glasgow

Fun science experiments with the STEM Glasgow team!

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