57 - Engineering & Computing in the 21st Century

57 - Engineering & Computing in the 21st Century

Issued: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 16:25:00 BST

University of the West Scotland Paisley Campus, Main Building Reception ‌
14th June
09:30-12:00 OR 12:30-15:00

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The University of the West of Scotland presents interactive workshops at Paisley Campus to explore the real-life applications of engineering and computing, from 3D printing to health apps.

Pupils will attend a short talk on 'Gravitational Wave Astronomy – The Opening for a New Window on the Universe' before attending 2 interactive workshops from the 5 pairs of workshops below.  Please note workshop allocation will be made on the day of the event.

If you would like further descriptions of the workshops please contact sciencefestival@glasgow.ac.uk


Workshop Pair

workshop A

Workshop B


Visualizing Health Data

Let’s 3D print and machine aerospace components: Journey to Mars


Health monitoring using smartphones. Beyond fitness trackers


Electronic Distance Measurement with a Theodolite


The science of sound: Room acoustics measurement and audio spectrum analysis.

Exploring Properties of the Fluids of Everyday Objects


Designing a User Interface for Smart Product/Device

Low cost, compact hyperspectral imaging camera for agriculture application


Digital Communication challenge

Sonic Cameras: Capturing images with sound

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