pupils competing in the final

Practice session resources

Before you hold your classroom challenge we recommend holding a practice session with the pupils.  Use the worksheets below to gain a working knowledge of the K'nex* pieces and the different ways they can be used.

Whilst the above worksheets will be very useful for the intial stages in the competition, as the winning teams progress through the competition, each level will present a tougher challenge.  To prepare the pupils for this progression it would be a good idea to explore / practice the following:

  • Pulley systems
  • Steering mechanisms
  • Use of handles
  • Gears

As the pupils progress throught the stages of the competition, there will be at least one of the elements above in each challenge.

*If your school doesn't have access to K'Nex Kits to run your Classroom and Cluster Challenges, Glasgow Science Festival have a number of kits available for short term loan (allocated according to availability). If you need to borrow kits, plesae contact Donna on donna.namyslak@glasgow.ac.uk

Challenge resources

Classroom heat resources

Cluster quarter-final challenge resources

  • Cluster quarter-final challenge resources are provided in the cluster pack.  This will be sent to Cluster Contacts before the beginning of February.  If you are running a cluster challenge and don't have this information yet please contact your cluster contact or a member of the Glasgow Science Festival team.

Certificate template

There are two versions of the certificate available for download, a full colour version and a lighter version which will use less printer ink.  Both are editable in Word.

STEM Ambassadors

STEM Ambassadors are volunteers from industry and academia with a passion for STEM that can bring their expertise to your classroom.  There may be a STEM ambassador in your area available to help teachers run and judge challenges.  Please send an email with your details and requirements to stem-ambassadors@Glasgow.ac.uk if you would like an ambassador to help in your school. See the Science Connects webpage for more information on the STEM Ambassador programme.

Useful websites

  • knex.com - Manufacturers website including designs by K’Nexperts, photo galleries and details of all available K’Nex products.
  • K'nex user group - Excellent website including handy hints section and challenges.