Before graduation day: checklist

Your graduation ceremony is a celebration of all of your hard work and your achievements during your time here at the University.

To make your graduation day as enjoyable as possible, please follow this checklist:

  • Enrol online for graduation to let us know whether you want to attend your graduation ceremony or graduate in absentia.
  • Ensure your full legal name is correct at point of enrolment as this is the name that will appear on your parchment. If you need to change it, please do so as soon as possible. For verification purposes the name on your student record should match the name on all your official documentation, e.g. passport, birth certificate, etc. 
  • Clear any outstanding academic related debt the University. If you have an outstanding tuition debt to the University you will not be allowed to enrol for graduation or graduate. For further information, please see the Student Debt Policy
  • Let us know If you think you need adjustments or additional support to help you take part in the graduation ceremony, or if any of your guests need assistance.
  • Check that you've passed your degree and that your result is published on MyCampus.  The deadline for spring 2022 is Friday 25 February.