Our charity details for your Will

Should you choose to support the University in your Will, your solicitor will need our details to make sure we receive your gift

‘University of Glasgow, charity number SC004401, Development & Alumni Office, External Relations, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ’

This applies to gifts from the UK and most other countries.

If you live in the USA you may wish to make your gift to the American Alumni of Glasgow University (AAGU), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Gifts in Wills are 100% deductible from your taxable estate. 

If you live in Canada the gift in your Will should be directed to the ‘University of Glasgow’ to receive tax relief under the Canadian tax structure.

If your current Will mentions the University Court or the University of Glasgow Trust (SC008303), there is no need to change it – it will still reach us without problem.