Looking after your legacy

All gifts in Wills to the University of Glasgow are very much appreciated. If you are thinking of supporting us in this way, thank you.

  • We will look after all gifts with sensitivity and understanding
  • We will use your gift carefully and cost-effectively so that it has the greatest impact for the purposes you intended
  • All gifts are recognised in perpetuity
  • If you wish you can specify how your gift should be used by the University for the benefit of future generations
  • All your gift supports the University; our fundraising budget is a core cost
  • When we receive notice of a gift in made in a Will, we work closely with the solicitor and executors to ensure that it is directed in keeping with any specific wishes you may have and that suitable recognition, if desired, is agreed
  • We keep interested family or friends in touch with the impact of your gift eg through reports from students who have received scholarships funded, visits and events on campus.