What do we do?

What do we do?

Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre 

Thanks to the Beatson Pebble Appeal campaign, the Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre (WWCRC) opened its doors on 1 May 2014 in Bearsden, Glasgow.

This was made possible through the commitment and generosity of more than 3000 individual and corporate donors and supporters and raised more than £10m.

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We continue to raise funds to for cancer research in the Centre now. 

Philanthropic donations allow our researchers:

1. to take new approaches

2. to try new ideas and develop new strategies. 

3. to fund essential laboratory tools and vital pieces of research equipment. 

4. to help develop research staff and students, e.g. funding training courses. 

Funds raised in Glasgow, stay in Glasgow.


The Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre provides excellent facilities for an expanded programme of translational cancer research in Glasgow; the link between hospitals and researchers to convert basic research into new and effective treatments.

The Institute of Cancer Sciences in Glasgow is part of a national centre of excellence in the fight against cancer. We carry out a programme of world-class science directed at understanding the molecular changes that cause cancer. We are working to translate scientific discoveries into new drugs or diagnostic and prognostic tools that benefit cancer patients, taking new therapies through preclinical and clinical trials. The Institute of Cancer Sciences is a major component of the Cancer Research UK West of Scotland Cancer Centre.

Continued Support for the Beatson Pebble Appeal

We are approaching the 5th Anniversary of the Wolfson Wohl Centre, giving us a chance to celebrate the extent to which philanthropic donations have contributed to the successes the Centre to date.

For recent research developments and achievements in cancer research visit: https://www.gla.ac.uk/researchinstitutes/cancersciences/news/

In addition to support from charitable trusts and foundations and individual donors, we have a large number of fundraising volunteers who support the Beatson Pebble Appeal by climbing munro’s, taking part in zip-slides, and other sporting and community events.