Work-related learning - College of Social Sciences

The Work-related learning opportunities coordinator supports the development of work-related learning across the College of Social Sciences postgraduate taught programmes. The links at the bottom of this page provide information for academic staff, employers and students interested in engaging with applied and work-related learning and examples of work-related learning currently undertaken across the College.

 The formal definition of work-related learning is:

"Planned activity that uses the context of work to develop knowledge, skills and understanding useful in work, including learning through the experience of work, learning about work and working practices and learning the skills for work" (Quality and Curriculum Authority 2003:4)

Work-related learning can be integrated into all programmes in a wide range of formats. For example:

  • Employer talks
  • Consultation projects, business competitions & work simulations
  • Collaborative dissertations
  • Work based experiences - placements & volunteering
  • Student led events
  • External organisation visits (field trips)
  • Internships
  • Mentoring 

For further information or to discuss options, please contact the Work-related learning opportunities coordinator or call 0141 330 7510.