Student led events

Students can design, develop and deliver their own events within programmes with the support of the Student Experence & Partnership Lead - Skills & Development. This helps students develop organisational skills as well as gain experience in managing a small project. Students are encouraged to think of people and organisations they would like to hear from, often including Alumni from the programme.

Students - If you are interested in developing your own event, please contact the Student Experience & Partnership Lead - Skills & Development

Employers and Alumni - If you are interested in coming to the University to talk to students about your organisation and your own career path please contact the Student Experience & Partnership Lead - Skills & Development

Case Study: MSc Global Health

Students on the MSc Global Health programme are from varied professional backgrounds and wanted to hear about a range of potential careers in the field. Guest speakers were invited to talk about their careers and experiences of working in the field of Global Health and in a variety of organisations. They discussed how their degrees have aided their career journey, the various skills and experiences they obtained at university and the challenges they have faced in their career trajectories. They also talked about their day to day activities, giving examples of projects they have worked on and things that inspire/excite them in their career.

“Your Future Career in Global Health” Event was held in May 2016 and again in March 2017. These events were designed, developed and hosted by the students. Speakers have included:

  • Oscar Mendoza – former Director of Programmes, Mary’s Meals
  • Dr Helene Irvine – Consultant in Public Health Medicine, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Dr Catherine Berry – Medecins sans Frontiers
  • Dr Arlene Reynolds – Senior Epidemiologist, Health Protection Scotland
  • Dr Claire Blanchard – Scaling Up Nutrition CSM Coordinator, Save the Children UK
  • Linda de Caestecker - Director of Public Health NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • James Egan - Public Health Programme Manager, Glasgow Centre for Population Health
  • Claire Donald - Research Assistant, Centre for Virus Research, University of Glasgow
  • Paul Johnston - Head of Programme Management, Scotland, Tearfund

In 2017 the students also decided to produce a Newsletter to share information and "Top Tips" from the speakers with all attendees. Global Health Newsletter

Global Health StudyTour

Students on the MSc Global Health programme were keen to arrange a Study Trip to Geneva to meet with and hear from a range of organisations of particular interest to their future career aspirations. Two students with the support of the WRL Coordinator, took up the challenge of arranging this trip - contacting organisations, drafting itineraries, liaising with travel agents and ensuring all interested students had the opportunity to attend. The group visited WHO HQ, UNAids, UNDP, International Centre for Migtration, Health & development and UNHCR - a diverse range or organisations representing the different areas of interest of the group. The group heard about a range of things: insight on how to gain internships and employability; briefings of current projects; and discussions about current issues in global health. The topics covered included: health policy; sexual and reproductive health; migration and refugee health; human development; the SDGs; and disaster management. 

"Spending a week in Geneva visiting various United Nations organisations and NGOs was an eye-opening experience for me. It put into perspective what I learnt on the MSc Global Health course and allowed me to visualise where I could fit in within these organisations. An added bonus of being on the organising committee was being able to network with the speakers and people who helped us coordinate our visits. This helped in building my professional network and they answered all my career related questions. I hope that this programme continues in the future as it was a big influence in realising my dream of working in the third sector." Agnes Munyoro

"Organising and attending the study trip to Geneva was a very valuable experience! I was able to learn more about international organisations, gain insight on current issues and projects around the world, and network with representatives from various institutes. This trip gave me inspiration on what I wanted to do with my Masters of Global Health degree and what steps I needed to take to get there." Emily Colarte

The students created a short You Tube video to share their experiences with you!