External Organisation Visits

External organisation visits or Study Tours provide students with opportunities to familiarise themselves with the work of organisations relevant to their programme content and/or future career aspirations. In some cases they may represent potential future employers. Embedded external organisation visits can add a valuable additional dimension to classroom learning.

If you would be willing to host a student visit to your business premises and talk to the students about your work, please contact the Student Experience & Partnership Lead - Skills & Development

If you would like support in arranging a Study Tour or external visit, please contact the Student Experience & Partnership Lead - Skills & Development

Case Study: MSc Global Security

The MSc Global Security programme in the School of Social and Political Sciences features an annual study tour to Brussels, visiting a wide range of Brussels based security institutions and involving discussions with a range of security experts and speakers. These have included:

  • Dr Massimo Mauro, Special Cyber Security Advisor to the Council of the EU General Secretariat
  • Nicholas Whyte, Director of the Independent Diplomat.

Case Study: MSc Education, Public Policy & Equity

MSc Education, Public Policy and Equity had their inaugural Study Trip in March 2017. The visited the House of Lords to attend a Questions session as a guest of a Baroness asking a question related to Education. They then visited the OECD in Paris.