Collaborative dissertation - What is it?

A collaborative dissertation is a piece of student research conducted in partnership with an external organisation. We recognise that many organisations need good quality research and that our students are keen to conduct research which has relevance to the real organisational challenges.

In addition to working with an external organisation, students will typically produce an Executive summary or Lay Report for the organisation, which summarises their findings and recommendations. Whilst not assessed, this report is vital to effectively communicate the research findings and possible implications to the organisation.

If you are a student and are interested in conducting a collaborative dissertation, there are two possible avenues for you to explore:

Option 1 - Source your own project and organisation

If you have specific ideas for your research project - and have checked our list of interested organisations - you may wish to contact your own organisation. Please contact the Student Experience & Partnership Lead - Skills & Development, if you wish to do this. They may be able to give you access to a broader array of organisational and/or alumni contacts. They can also support you to draft a possible approach to an organisation of interest and provide you with the necessary documentation to support your request.

Option 2 - Review our list of interested organisations and apply

The College of Social Sciences works with a number of organisations who have expressed an interest in collaborating with our students on research projects. Please review our list of interested organisations

Some of these organisations may be open to student research applications around any theme relevant to their core business. Others may have specified particular research themes they would particularly welcome applications around. Finally, some of our partner organisations may have specific research projects in mind and will expect applicants to work on these projects.

No matter which organisation you choose, you should first contact the Student Experience & Partnership Lead - SKills & Development, to express your interest. They will then explain the application process for each organisation and guide you through the next stages.

So, please review our list and get in touch!