Graduate Skills Programme

The Graduate Skills Programme (GSP) is the College of Social Sciences' second employability programme and compliments our Professional Skills Programme (PSP). Whereas PSP has been designed to help you develop a range of professional skills, GSP helps you to reflect on and communicate these skills to employers. 

The 3 hour GSP Induction will help you to reflect on the most impactful activities you have been involved in to date across your university experience and identify the key skills and graduate attributes these activities have helped you develop. 

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If you have any questions about the Programme, please contact Misa at

A step-by-step guide to GSP

1. Register for and attend the GSP induction workshop

In order to complete the Graduate Skills Programme, you must first attend the compulsory GSP Induction Workshop. The Workshop is repeated regularly throughout both semesters so you can choose the most suitable slot for you. You can register here, and you can also download the GSP Handout and Checklist.

Throughout your GSP journey, you will also be supported through our Weekly Workshops, which are weekly drop-in sessions that take place every Wednesday 2-3pm. Also, if you need to jog your memory, you can view our workshop presentation here.

2. Review our example ePortfolios

The GSP team has produced their own ePortfolios to help you visualise the ePortfolio structure and format and we would encourage you to review these before you start working on your own ePortfolio. You can view our example ePortfolios here

Please bear in mind that the content of your ePortfolio must be entirely original and reflect your own experiences and skills development so you must not copy any content from our example ePortfolios or from other students.

3. Populate the GSP ePortfolio template with your ePortfolio content

In order to guide you through the completion of your ePortfolio, we have prepared an ePortfolio Template. This interactive document follows the checklist included in our GSP Handout and Checklist and contains various text fields all of which must be populated with content.

Your ePortfolio has two pages:

The first page, your Professional Profile, is a summary of who you are, with a particular focus on your key skills and competencies, your academic, extra-curricular, and work-related experience, and your future aspirations. It is likely that it will be similar to your LinkedIn Summary and you are welcome to re-use your ePortfolio content for your LinkedIn profile if you wish.

The second page allows you to carefully craft your professional identity around your ‘theme’, which is likely to be formed around your professional interests, expertise, or skillset (or perhaps something else entirely). To identify your theme, use the reflective exercises in your GSP Handout and you can also discuss it with one of our GSP tutors at a Weekly Workshop. To demonstrate your theme, you need to formulate three critical incidents which also need to evidence your transferable skills.

Initially, you will be working with your own copy of the ePortfolio template, which will be reviewed by one of our GSP tutors, and only once you have met the minimum GSP requirements you will upload your ePortfolio on Weebly or a similar platform. 

4. Attend a weekly workshop to obtain feedback

Before submitting your GSP ePortfolio you are required to attend at least one Weekly Workshop with a draft of your written work (i.e. with a copy of your GSP ePortfolio Template) in order to receive preliminary feedback which will help you ensure that you are on the right track.

These Workshops are essentially small group support sessions where you can get more intensive support from the tutors on any aspect of your GSP work. You can attend as many as you wish, and we encourage you to attend as many as you can.

The Weekly Workshops run every Wednesday 2-3pm in Room 324 in 8 The Square. Please make sure to register before attending.

5. Carefully check your work before submission

‌Before you submit your work, please check the following:

  •     You have populated all text fields with content;
  •     You have proofread your work very carefully to eliminate all spelling and grammar errors;
  •     You have NOT copied any text from somebody else’s ePortfolio including the example ePortfolios.

You also need to implement any feedback suggested to you by a GSP tutor at a Weekly Workshop before you submit.

6. Submit the submission document for an in-depth review

Once you checked all points above, please e-mail your GSP ePortfolio as a word document to Misa at We will then allocate your work to a tutor who will provide you with in-depth feedback.

Please note that your ePortfolio is due 3 weeks after your Induction Workshop. If you are having any difficulties, please email Misa at

7. Update your ePortfolio content according to the feedback provided

Your ePortfolio feedback has three parts:

  • Summary – located on the last page of your submission document – collates key points of feedback and highlights any critical areas that need to be improved before you can progress to uploading your ePortfolio online;
  • Comments – these are placed on the right-hand side of the document;
  • Tracked changes – these may not be immediately visible so you may need to change your settings to view them: on the main ribbon in MS Word, go to Review - Display for Review - and select 'All Markup'.

If you are unsure about your feedback or have some questions, feel free to e-mail your tutor or come speak to the team at a Weekly Workshop. You must implement your tutor’s feedback in full and by the date requested (typically within a week) and then re-submit to your GSP tutor who will check that you have implemented their feedback. They will then confirm that you can progress to the final stage – uploading your ePortfolio online and publishing it.

8. Create your online ePortfolio and submit it for a final review

Create an account on Weebly or a similar platform, choose your website URL (typically, and copy and paste the contents of your ePortfolio document to the website. You should also add hyperlinks to any organisations and projects you mention and upload some photos to make your ePortfolio visually appealing. Once you are satisfied with the result, publish your ePortfolio (using the ‘Publish’ icon in the top right-hand corner on Weebly) and send the link to your ePortfolio to your tutor for a final review.

9. Optional: Complete and submit your LinkedIn profile

If you wish, you may also create your LinkedIn profile and link it with your ePortfolio. Please note, however, that you need to complete your main ePortfolio first and that the LinkedIn profile must be well-developed in order to qualify for a certificate.

The LinkedIn Template can be downloaded from here and we would recommend that you also consult the LinkedIn Moodle. You should also attend one Weekly Workshop to receive preliminary feedback on your LinkedIn profile before you submit it.

Similarly to your ePortfolio, you should send your copy of the LinkedIn template to Misa at