SWIVL robotic video capture system

This academic session, the School of Education will be trialling the use of the SWIVL robotic video capture system to allow PGDE students to film and securely share aspects of their teaching practice. Recording and reviewing teaching practice is increasingly seen as a way of enabling deliberate practice but has often been seen as too time intensive and difficult to manage with traditional equipment. Swivl robotic video capture student

The Swivl is a robotic platform that connects to a private and encrypted online video sharing service. A tablet, or smartphone, with the SWIVL app can be placed into the unit and then paired with the device itself. The teacher puts on a small tracking pendant, with a built-in microphone, to record the lesson and has easy to use controls to start and stop recording. Video can be then be reviewed and edited on the device before being transferred to the online service to share remotely with other students and tutors for comments and feedback. 

The school has purchased 16 units with tripods for this year’s trial but sees potential for other applications supporting distance and online education, school based research projects and recording of lectures in areas that don’t have the necessary hardware available.

Please contact Peter Donaldson in the School of Education for more details- peter.donaldson.2@glasgow.ac.uk

First published: 28 August 2017