New clicker system for interactive teaching

YACRS (Yet Another Class Response System) is replacing the old clicker systems for interactive teaching. Rather than having to handing out handsets, with YACRS the students can interact using their own smart phones or computers. The teacher controls YACRS with a small application that is now available on the standard lecture theatre computers, and which is designed to float over presentation software such as PowerPoint.

YARCS is independence of the presentation software, so it will work alongside anything. You quickly select the response type you want to use e.g. Multiple choice (A-D) and ask the question. Students will then see options A-D to respond to.

YACRS allows students to use their own device to respond to questions. Questions can be set up as and when needed, saving time of having to pre-script every question in advance.  Using YARCS can enhance your Learning and Teaching by:

  • Allowing students to recall information
  • Providing information to students
  • Initiating debate
  • Starting peer discussion

If you use your own laptop computer for teaching, you can download the YACRS teacher control software as well instructions for use. 

First published: 25 October 2016