Audio-Visual Feedback project grows

The College continues to expand on the innovative use of returning Audio-Visual feedback to students. After a successful pilot phase last year, which captured high levels of satisfaction from both staff and students, prompted a successful LTDF bid to help assist with a large College-wide role out. Staff training has taken place in all Schools for semester 1 with further training dates for semester 2 to be released. If you are interested in the process then you can view the training guides here. An output of this project will be a report which captures the drivers and the impact this method has had on students and staff with a particular focus on attainment and satisfaction levels.  

A programme approach to AV feedback

The Bachelor of Technological Education (Honours) Degree is an undergraduate ITE (Initial Teacher Education) programme in the School of Education. We have 105 enrolled students who study a range of courses that equip them to teach Design and Technology subjects in Scottish Secondary Schools. Many of these courses enjoy innovative approaches to coursework and assessment which can include 3-dimensional computer models, design portfolios, computer rendered graphics and fully engineered products.  To compliment the flexible pedagogical approaches that foster high proficiency in this diversity of learning, the Programme Committee chose to pilot a range of technology-enhanced feedback methods in 2014/15.  These included podcast feedback, screencast feedback with Camtasia, google glass feedback and automated personalised exam feedback.  Students regarded these changes to be of significant benefit and staff were able to return less abstract feedback in a far shorter time frame.  Such gains resulted in the decision to embed these approaches in a far large number of courses from Years 1 to 4 of the programme.

If you would like to take part in this project then please contact Yue Song or John Kerr.


First published: 24 November 2015