Assessment Management System (AMS) Project

The Adam Smith Business School (ASBS) has led a process improvement project which transformed the assessment and feedback process for the School. The Assessment and Management System (AMS) Project has designed and delivered a comprehensive Assessment Management System that built on the TeleForm pilot (2013-14) in order to provide learning and teaching and MPA staff with excellent support systems for assessment, processes that are optimally streamlined and minimise academic administration, and secure a superior service for returning grades and feedback to students. During two consecutive years, student feedback on this service has been extremely positive.

The initiative extends across the whole Business School and incorporates all exams and coursework (undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses) within the School.  It is predicated on online delivery of grades, feedback and exam answers to students while allowing markers to continue to first-mark on printed copies of work, fully recognising and responding to concerns about marking conducted online. In the later stage of the project, markers were able to first-mark online and upload annotated PDF answer sheets. External examiners were accessing their samples and providing feedback via AMS. 

The AMS Project closed in August 2018 and the Adam Smith Business School successfully integrated TeleForm and AMS into their assessment and feedback process.  

Benefits achieved

  • Improved student experience by enabling students to retrieve assessment grades and feedback via Moodle
  • Improved support for academic staff by removing manual calculations / conversion of marks and grades
  • Enabled online marking of exams 
  • Enabled online examining for external examiners
  • Delivered administrative efficiencies and effectiveness by automating repetitive and manual processes
  • Improved transparency and consistency in marking process
  • Streamlined assessment and marking processes, workflow and communication
  • Developed a high level of consistency in assessment and feedback policies and processes

Student evaluations

Student evaluations of AMS conducted online in September 2016 found that 95% of undergraduate and 95.1% of postgraduate students liked receiving copies of their exam answer sheets online via Moodle. Critically, 88.7% of undergraduate and 93.6% of postgraduate students agreed that the opportunity to review their exam answers in conjunction with generic feedback helped them to understand their grade and will be helpful in relation to future assessment.  87% of undergraduate and more than 90% of postgraduate students found the School exam answer sheets user-friendly and received adequate information about how to complete them. 62 undergraduate students and 248 postgraduate students participated in this evaluation.

AMS Project Board

The Project Board was established with representation from the School using AMS, College Office and University Services (IT Services and SLSD). 

  • Sharon McGregor (CoSS, Director of College Professional Services), Chair
  • Nicola Birkin (ASBS, Undergraduate Programmes Manager)
  • Jane Broad (SLSD, Director of Student Lifecycle Support and Development Team)
  • Hooi Ling Eng (CoSS, AMS Project Manager)
  • Moira Fischbacher-Smith (Assistant Vice-Principal of Learning and Teaching)
  • Geethanjali Selvaretnam (ASBS, Director of Undergraduate Studies)
  • Anna Phelan (IT Services, Head of Development & Integration)
  • Helen Young (ASBS, Head Of School Administration)

AMS Project Team

  • Nicola Birkin (ASBS, Undergraduate Programmes Manager)
  • Hooi Ling Eng (CoSS, AMS Project Manager)
  • Malcolm Goldie (CoSS, Software Developer)
  • Geethanjali Selvaretnam (ASBS, Director of Undergraduate Studies)
  • Helen Young (ASBS, Head Of School Administration)

TeleForm exam answer sheets

The following answer sheets are used for in-course and degree exams. They can be ordered from the Print Unit.

A3 answer (white) and continuation sheets (yellow)

A4 Multiple Choice answer sheet

Training videos for students, markers and invigilators

For students

For markers

Marking exams

Marking assignments

Using clipboard in grading spreadsheet

For exam invigilators

For external examiners

Barcode fonts

3 of 9 barcode font is used for creating individual assignment grading sheet. Download the right font for your computer.