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BLOG | EVENT | Who owns natural capital?

In this blog for Scottish Land Commision, Jill Robbie explores the concepts of ownership and natural capital. Natural capital markets are intended to incentivise private actors to invest in environmentall sustainable land use, but who actually owns natural capital? Read the blog.

Scottish land Commision are also organising a series of events around natural capital and land. The next event in the series is The Carbon Rush: Understanding the role of carbon, offsetting and investing in the land market (31 May). At this event, Dr Jill Robbie and Dr Giedre Jokubauskaite (School of Law, University of Glasgow) will join othe rpanellists to discuss carbon offsetting, the value of carbon, carbon rights and what all this means for Scotland's land. More info and booking.

EVENT | The Gaitherin: Legacy of COP26

Legacy of COP26 - 21 June 2022 

After a two and a half year hiatus, we are delighted to re-launch The Gaitherin, a series of in-person events bringing together business and academia. The first session will cover the legacy of COP26.

Hear from both industry and academics on what, if anything, has changed since COP26 came to Glasgow, and how the discussions from COP26 are likely to impact organisations in future [read more

EVENT | Living Sustainably with Water: Water and Value

Water and Value Workshop - 13th May 2022 

Organisers: Dr Minty Donald, Professor of Contemporary Performance Practice and Dr Jill Robbie, Senior Lecturer in Law 

The Glasgow Water Cluster is hosting a series of Workshops which aim to bring together researchers from a diverse range of disciplines and relevant stakeholders to gain a greater understanding of the conceptualisation of water from a variety of perspectives. This will allow the co-production of a future interdisciplinary research agenda for living sustainably with water. Each Workshop will be organised under sub-themes which are intentionally interdisciplinary to facilitate exploration and collaboration.

The first Workshop will explore the process of framing the value and meaning of water... [read more

Project Highlight | Online premiere of Cuba's Life Task: Combatting Climate Change

By Dr Helen Yaffe, School of Social and Political Sciences

Climate change is among the world’s greatest challenges. As a small Caribbean island, Cuba is disproportionately affected by climate change through extreme weather events. Up to 10% of Cuban territory could be submerged by the end of the century, wiping out coastal towns, polluting water supplies, destroying agricultural lands, and forcing one million people to relocate. Finding solutions is now essential... (read more).

Our Research & Aims

Our aim is to lead social science research to develop sustainable responses to global challenges in four key areas:

  • Health - Sustaining health and wellbeing for people living on low income
  • Literacies - Literacies, learning and cultural practice for sustainability
  • Ecologies - Environmental sustainability under climate change and human activities
  • Governance - Reforming governance and management systems of natural resources

Sustainability to me...

Jill Robbie, Governance Lead

Jill is a Lecturer in Private Law at the University of Glasgow. Jill's research interest lies within the field of property law and natural resources. She is currently investigating the tensions between social justice, economic development and environmental protection in the context of the law regulating land use. She is particularly interested in analysing these tensions in relation to water.

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Sustainability to me...

John Shi, Ecologies Lead

John is a senior lecturer in hydrology and climate change in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. John is an expert on water and climate research, with interests on modelling and predicting the role of water resources in the climate system and understanding the nature of hydrologic variability and change under changing climate at local, regional, and global scales.

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Sustainability to me...

Jude Robinson, Health Lead

Jude is a social anthropologist teaching and researching in the field of critical public health. Her research centres on developing understandings of how people can develop and sustain their health and wellbeing outside conventional health care settings, with a particular interest in (feminist) research methodologies, visual methods and material culture, gendered inequalities, issues around social justice, alternative moralities and ‘othering’, and the health of women, children and their families.

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Sustainability to me...

Mia Perry, Literacies Lead

Mia specialises in literacies and learning, arts and cultural production, and methodologies of research and teaching. Her work in education spans inside and outside schools, community and public contexts, digital and informal learning. Mia is particularly interested in the interplay of humans and environments, the role of cultural practice and play in learning, and perspectives in research that account for plural views and ways of making meaning.

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Sustainability to me...

Marcela Ramos, Research Fellow

Marcela is a Research Fellow that specialises in interdisciplinary research, environmental sustainability, working with communities and the effects of marketisation and privatisation in education. Marcela’s research interests lie in exploring and understanding how education can help us think and problematise the exercise of sustainable practices within challenging (post-conflict, unequal) contexts.

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