Justice, Insecurity & Fair Decision Making

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EVENT | Roundtable on global (dis)order

Join us for this online discussion about shared research interests linked to global order and disorder: from area studies to international law, security, politics, and global finance... (read more).

EVENT | Addressing Issues of Justice and Inequality

Join us for this in person working lunch to explore the processes that allow seeming mass tolerance of inequality and injustice... (read more).

EVENT | Scotland's Role in the Jamaican Slave Trade

Join author Kate Phillips for a free event including readings and discussion based on her recently published book 'Bought and Sold: Scotland, Jamaica and Slavery'. The book traces the shared story of Jamaica and Scotland from the 1700s to the abolition of slavery in the British Empire, and reflects on the meaning of those years for both nations today. You can find more information about event on the Adam Smith Business School website.

This event is co-hosted by the The Glasgow Human Rights Network - you can find out more about them here in this blog post.

BLOG | Introducing our new research fellow

My interest in social justice began more than two decades ago when I worked for a large NGO in Chicago where I was responsible for helping newly arrived refugees transition into the labour market. It was there that issues of justice and insecurity were first brought to light and fuelled my desire to better understand the decision-making processes, policies and mechanisms that produce inequality and embed injustice. From my perspective, cultural and linguistic elements (including discourse) are key factors in the (re)production of social differentiation and inequality, which intersect with several... (read more)

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT | Protracted conflict and development aid

Contemporary armed conflicts have become protracted, complex and urbanised with far-reaching socio-economic consequences. The Endless Conflicts project examines how an integrated humanitarian and development response to such conflicts can be anchored in and promoted by international law in the pursuit of sustainable peace... [read more]

What Justice, Insecurity & Fair Decision Making means to me

View these short videos from our theme leaders and discover what the Justice, Inesecurity & Fair Decision Making theme means to them and their research.

Justice, Insecurity & Fair Decision Making to me...

David Lundie

Religious and secular worldviews, value pluralism and moral education. Drawing on philosophical, anthropological and sociological perspectives to understand complex decision multi-agency decision-making, particularly for young people.

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Justice, Insecurity & Fair Decision Making to me...

Marguerite Schinkel

Marguerite’s research focuses on criminal justice. In her PhD and post-doc research she explored how prison sentences are given meaning by those who undergo them. More recently, she has explored the impact of Covid-19 and lockdown on penal experiences in Scotland. Besides the lived experience of punishment, she is interested in how people escape cycles of harm, the places and spaces that help/hinder this, and alternatives to criminal justice.

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Justice, Insecurity & Fair Decision Making to me...

Nicole Busby

Nicole is an expert in equality law with particular interests in gendered inequalities, particularly in relation to paid work and unpaid care, the use of social and economic rights to achieve social justice and access to justice more generally. She is interested in how lived experience can influence law and policymaking and the use of legal processes. She undertakes academic research with civil society organisations to critique law and policy from a user’s perspective and has recently been investigating the application of Fineman’s Vulnerability Theory in these contexts.

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Justice, Insecurity & Fair Decision Making to me...

Yingru Li

With a concern for social justice and human rights, Yingru is interested in research that could have policy significance and impacts on the practice of corporate accountability for human rights and sustainable economy. In translating the theoretical concerns to the practice, she is closely engaged in projects that explore human rights issues in the corporate world and how to mobilize businesses to be “better” and more responsible.

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