The College of Social Sciences Researcher Development Programme has been designed to support the personal and professional development of our postgraduate research students. The Programme contains a whole range of training initiatives, courses, internships and funding opportunities designed to support your development of key transferable research skills. These activities have been designed to complement the core Research Training Programme in helping you to further enhance your research and professional skills, and to meet the standards laid out in the Research Councils' Researcher Development Framework.

There are additional researcher development opportunities provided by Research, Strategy and Innovation Office. The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science also provide a range of training and development opportunities.

The UK Research Councils' recommend that postgraduate research students undertake the equivalent of two weeks of transferable skills training, per year. The courses and opportunities available via the Researcher Development Programme will help you to meet this requirement and also develop yourselves both professionally and personally. Your participation in Researcher Development Programme courses is recorded on MyCampus and will be discussed at your annual review.