Second First Degree Bursaries

Second First Degree Bursaries




Notes for Applicants

1.  A small number of bursaries will be available in 2017/18 for graduates (or holders of equivalent qualifications) who are either starting a programme for a second first (undergraduate) degree or who are already attending such a programme.   Candidates should normally already possess a degree which would be in a different discipline from the degree currently being taken, but holders of other qualifications will also be considered:  the qualification should be one which makes candidates ineligible for a grant from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS), Local Authorities or other funding bodies for all or part of their second first degree programme.    The bursaries are not available for postgraduate courses.

2.  The purpose of the bursaries is to assist candidates to change direction in their studies.  The main subject(s) of the second first degree programme must therefore be different from those of the first qualification.

3.  The amount of funds available is limited, and it is unlikely that individual candidates will receive more than a small contribution towards their support.   The amount awarded to individual candidates will depend on the number of strong cases in the year.  

4.  Candidates should note that this will be the final year of awards under this scheme.

5.  Application must be made on the appropriate form, which can be downloaded 2nd 1st Degree Bursary.  Completed forms should be returned to the College Office by email by 6 October 2017.  Any additional information which the candidate considers relevant may be given on a separate sheet and attached to the form.

6.  Applicants are asked to note that Session 2017/18 will be the final year of awards made under this bursary scheme.

7.  Please keep the College office informed of any awards which you obtain after submitting your application.

8.  Candidates should also investigate other possible sources of financial support, though these are limited.   Many educational trusts are local in character, and eligibility often depends on factors such as the candidates' residential qualifications.   Candidates may find it useful to consult "The Directory of Grant Making Trusts" (published by the Charities Aid Foundation) and "The Grants Register" (published by McMillan Press).  These publications should normally be available through the local public library system.

A downloadable version of the above Notes for Applicants can be downloaded below:

Second First Degree Bursaries