EPSRC Vacation Scholars 2021

The University is currently recruiting 15 undergraduate students for the Schools of Chemistry, Computing Science, Engineering, Mathematics & Statistics and Physics & Astronomy to work on a research project over the summer, under the EPSRC Vacation Scholars scheme. 

The scheme supports undergraduate students to gain practical first-hand experience of research and encourages them to consider a research career. Students receive a salary of £330 per week (assuming satisfactory engagement with their research) and carry out a project lasting eight-ten weeks during the summer holiday. All students will be invited to a reception in September at which they will be required to present their research. 

Students should be in the middle years of a first degree within EPSRC's remit, and able to fulfil EPSRC doctoral training grant eligibility requirements by the end of their undergraduate degree (i.e be classified as home/EU for fee purposes).  

Applications should be submitted to scieng-gradschool@glasgow.ac.uk by Thursday 16th June 2022. Projects will commence in early July (to be confirmed on discussion with the supervisor).  

EPSRC Vacation Internship Application 2021

Projects are available across the Schools as follows:

School of Chemistry


Diagnosing hospital acquired infections using disposable plasmonic assays

Dr Affar Karimullah

Developing Novel Time-Resolved Optical Methods for High Throughput Measurement of Cells

Dr Gordon Hedley

Plasmon mediated Chiral Nanolaser 

Dr Rahul Kumar & Dr Gordon Hedley

Synthesis and Characterisation of Bottromycin Precursor -Amino Acids

Dr Sudha Shankar & Dr Andrew Jamieson


School of Computing Science


Compiling the Mailbox Calculus

Dr Simon Fowler

Prototyping Novel, Digitally Mediated Peer Support Approaches in Mental Health, and Wellbeing

Dr Stephen Lindsay & Dr Xianghua Sharon Ding


School of Engineering


Investigating the Surface and Subsurface Coupling of a Deep Geothermal System towards Energy Decarbonisation in the UK PROJECT CLOSED

Dr Christopher Brown & Dr Isa Kolo

Real-time Contactless Fall Detection Using Software Defined Radios

Dr Ahmad Taha

Optimisation of thermally enhanced granular activated carbon biofiltration for decentralised drinking water treatment PROJECT CLOSED

Dr Dr Fabien Cholet & Dr Anastasiia Kostrytsia

Electronic devices programming for the implementation of a two-qubit quantum gate PROJECT CLOSED

Dr Sergey Danilin

Synthesis and characterization of plasmonic nanoparticles for reconfigurable photonic metasurfaces

Dr Marina Santana Vega & Dr Alasdair Clark


School of Mathematics & Statistics


Groups of dynamical origin

Dr Christopher Bruce

Modelling spatial heterogeneity in 3D tumour growth driven by phenotypic PROJECT CLOSED

Dr Cicely Macnamara


School of Physics & Astronomy

Fast timing silicon detectors for new scientific frontiers  PROJECT CLOSED Dr Dima Maneuski