EPSRC Vacation Scholars 2018

EPSRC Vacation Scholars 2018

Each year, the University recruits a number of undergraduate students to work on a research project over the summer under the EPSRC Vacation Scholars scheme.

The scheme supports undergraduate students to gain practical first-hand experience of research and encourages them to consider a research career. Students receive a stipend of £220 per week (assuming satisfactory engagement with their research) and carry out a project lasting eight-ten weeks during the summer holiday. All students will be invited to a reception in September at which they will be required to present their research.

Students should be in the middle years of a first degree within EPSRC's remit, and able to fulfil EPSRC doctoral training grant eligibility requirements by the end of their undergraduate degree (ie be classified as home/EU for fee purposes).

Applications should be submitted using the below form to scieng-gradschool@glasgow.ac.uk by 25 May 2018. Projects will commence on Monday 18 June.

EPSRC Vacation Scholars Application Form

Projects are available across the Schools as follows:

School of Chemistry

Developing new routes to the up-conversion of biofuels based on the combination of electrocatalysis and supramolecular confinement Dr Mark Symes
New solid electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries Dr Sudeshna Sen


School of Computing Science

Mixed Reality system modelling: supporting visual editing, documentation and reuse of bigraphs Dr Michele Sevegnani


School of Engineering

Investigating the effect of creep properties mismatch in very thin pipes within high-temperature facilities Dr Daniele Barbera
Building and validating an analytical framework to provide a quantitative model for the design of antimicrobial peptides Dr David Paterson
Geotechnical engineering of soils to control the spread of antibiotic resistance in microbes

Dr Thomas Shire
Dr Stephanie Connelly

Township-based bioenergy systems for distributed energy supply and efficient household waste re-utilization Dr Siming You


School of Mathematics & Statistics

Modelling the risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) across the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board region Dr Craig Anderson


School of Physics & Astronomy

Telescope Window Image Resolution Dr Euan Cowie
Super-resolution in SPADs for pill cameras Dr Pavan Konda
Towards video-rate fast volume imaging in light sheet microscopy Dr Chas Nelson