Degree structure within Science

A full year of study normally consists of courses amounting to 120 credits. In first year, subjects normally consist of

  • One 40 credit course running through Semesters 1 and 2
  • Two 20 credit courses, one running in each Semester
  • Two 20 credit courses, each running through Semesters 1 and 2

In level 1, full-time students must normally enrol for 80 credits of Science courses.

Within Science, we offer the following degrees:

  • MSci
  • BSc Honours
  • BSc in a Designated Subject

The BSc Honours degree is a four-year degree. Entry to honours courses comes at the start of third year and admission is dependent on achievement in all courses and particularly the chosen subject area over years one and two. Honours degrees are awarded on the basis of results achieved over the third and fourth years and are classified as first, upper or lower second or third class. Honours degrees can be awarded in a single subject or in an approved combination of two subjects.

The MSci degree offers an opportunity for more advanced and intensive study in particular subjects, or approved combinations, over a five-year programme. Some MSci courses involve a year spent on work placement or in a European university working on a research project after the third year. The placement is assessed and contributes to the final award. Entry to an MSci, like entry to BSc Honours, comes at the start of third year and the degree is classified like the BSc Honours degree. Admission is competitive and open only to the most able students.

Advanced level entry to some degree programmes is available for highly qualified applicants who meet the Advanced Higher and A level admission grades specified in the prospectus and allow the BSc Honours degree to be completed in 3 years and the MSci in 4 years.

The BSc Designated degree requires in-depth study of a subject to third year. A designated degree can be awarded in a single subject or in an approved combination of two subjects. This degree can be awarded with merit or distinction, depending on your grades.

For further information on all of the above please contact After you begin your studies you can discuss in detail the most appropriate route for you with your own Adviser, whom you will meet early in the first semester and then regularly thereafter.